About Us

Rebel Boot Camp, is an outdoor fitness programme incorporating aspects of military training, sports conditioning, speed, agility, strength, balanced with a fair amount of fun, mud and friendship.

Rebel Boot Camp is intense, challenging, and fun. In just four weeks, you will notice increased energy levels, physical strength, endurance, stamina and decrease in your body fat.

Sessions are constantly changing; boredom is just not an issue.

Get Ready for Kick Ass Training Sessions!

The Instructors

Jonathan Tan (Senior Sarge)

Shamil Tan (Quartermaster)

Sanjay Kumar (Sarge)

Ishita Agrawal (Sarge)

Jerome (Sarge)

JJ (Sarge)

Mohammed Sufi (Sarge)

Ivan (Sarge)

Aesh (Sarge)

Azmy (Sarge)

Akram (Sarge)

Clyve Tan (Staff)