How To Shed 2 Kgs While On Holiday

Holidays are taken for many personal reasons. Most families use it as a family time, some to visit friends and relatives in a foreign place and perhaps country. More common, holidays are taken for reasons of having a down time. Shopping, exploration, adventure, gastronomic indulgence comes in the package of being away at a foreign land.

Here is the catch. I am in the opinion that holidays, although it is a refreshing mind release from the everyday grind, can be quite strenuous onto the body. Have you never had the feeling that you’d wish you could take another day off after returning from one?

Holidays are stressful and if you manipulate it well, can aid in some weight loss. Here are a few pointer how you can do it with success.

Holiday tip 1 – The breakfast conundrum

Destination holidays come packaged with a wakeup call time in plan, and it’s usually at an unacceptable holiday like timing which is even worse than a normal working day. If a tour bus leaves at 8am, it means the FREE hotel breakfast needs to be ‘enjoyed’ and savored at 7am, which means the the wake up call will be at 6.30 or 7am. Lady folks need a 30minute minimum prep time. And then there is the issue of who uses the bathroom 1st.

Then there are the creatures of habit who turn instantaneously green in the face from a full breakfast and need to rush to the toilet after a full breakfast.

Here is the catch again. Breakfast may be free and there will be temptation to wallop everything available and still knick the odd apple and banana for later. Restrain yourself. A measure of control to consume minimal calories helps.

Holiday tip 2 – Plan an activity oriented holiday

I went to Pulau Perhentian once and even that holiday had an agenda. Swim, snorkel, dive, sunbathe, party, sleep repeat. For 3 days. That! Was tiring. Tour holidays are worse. Packed into a vehicle by nine and return to hotel in the evening. Some tours require lots of walking. Some tours are shopping centric; more walking.
The average person actually walks and is active up to 5 times more on holiday than on a daily work day. Equate that into calories consumption and it is a lot. It is no wonder that we tend to eat more on holidays.

Holiday tip 3 – Avoiding a gastronomic meltdown

There is a tendency to indulge more on holiday. After all, it’s a holiday. The food is always nicer and better in a foreign location. Its called a gastronomic adventure. At home and in our comfort zone, some measure of control can be administered to not over indulge. On holiday, that rule usually gets tossed out of the aircraft window.

I know it can be hard to control holiday over eating, but with a bit of self-control, it can be done. I personally control myself using these 3 simple rules:

  1. If it is not worth the calories, don’t eat
  2. If it does not look and taste remotely nice, skip it.
  3. If I’m almost full, stop eating.

Try it.

Holiday tip 4 – Workout

On holiday, unless you opted for a no frills budget stay, most decent hotels do have a gym and swimming pool as part of the facility. If a pair of sneaker is too much luggage to handle, I’m sure swim wear can be managed. A 30 min swim is not only relaxing it can give you an extra appetite for around 300cals.

There is even a multitude of exercises that can be done in a hotel room. Google up body weight exercises and a whole slew of results will follow, both on cardio and strength training.

Have fun on holiday!

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