Either your first time or returning after a short break (most people the short break is from high school to mid-thirties).

You may have tried a lot of different programmes diets and gyms but nothing has worked.

You may even be a little intimidated – don’t be this is the programme for you.


You are probably working out already, walking, jogging, you may be a member of a gym and even have a personal trainer, but can’t seem to shift that last bit of stubborn fat.

Or you are looking to kick your fitness to another level, perhaps for a sports team, a special event or just for the heck of it.


You have been there done it and even got the T-shirt to prove you did it, Now you want to really see what you are made of and challenge your fitness, strength and mental endurance.

Register now if crazy is your last name. We have t-shirts too.

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