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Mobile Fitness Solution For Your Workplace
Mobile Fitness Solution For Your Workplace
Mobile Fitness Solution For Your Workplace
Mobile Fitness Solution For Your Workplace
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Why REBEL Express?

We want to change the way companies are looking at their corporate wellness programs with our REBEL EXPRESS Bootcamp @ Your Workplace Truck. Our full service comes at no additional contracting cost to your company and we provide a structured, comprehensive and complete solution to your employees.

Malaysia’s first bootcamp on demand
  • We’ll bring a fully functioning gym and bootcamp circuit to you
  • No more timing, space and traffic excuses/ woes/problems/
Customised for all fitness levels
  • Powered by six years of effective Rebel Boot Camp programs in Malaysia and Singapore
  • Catering for office workers all the way up to elite athletes, our varied workouts mean boredom is never an issue
Data-driven workouts
  • Continuous feedback and individualized plans for self-reflection
  • Extensive research and program refinement from feedback of over 4,000 clients
It doesn’t stop there
  • When we’re not at your location, our service is still ongoing
  • Rebel Express can also provide actionable steps after hours, such as
    • Weekly workout videos
    • Nutrition information
    • Menu ideas

HR Professionals Please Read:

As a comprehensive health, fitness and wellness provider we understand your need to look after/provide the best health benefits for your employees.

We can provide customized, complete solutions for you if:

  1. You have no existing health and fitness program or gym;
  2. You want to complement your existing wellness program
  3. You want to provide health programs to your out-of-town, satellite locations

Please contact us at 016-348-1038 for a no-obligation consultation as to how best we can meet your needs.


Benefits for Employers

Reduced absenteeism
Increased camaraderie and productivity
Smooth integration with existing health programs
Zero setup costs – no need for extra staff or maintenance

Benefits for Employees

Great stress reliever
Better energy and fitness levels
Decreased risk of modern lifestyle ailments
Better relationships at work and at home

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